These are our new rules. Are you going to play?

If you play with us, you will never see the game in the same way again.

Sport is more than a game.

Sport is a wonderful tool for transformation with which Fundació Barça will make sure no child is left out of the game.

We want to change everything.

By playing we want to change everything, fighting against injustice, marginalization and sad-ness. Playing we are happy. We have the right to play and to have fun. We have the right to be what we are, children


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If sport is life, what would happen if we could change the rules of sport?

Perhaps the lives of thousands of children around the world would change. Through sport we can change the rules so that children defeat discrimination, sadness and injustice. And above all they win the right to be children

11 rules to change the world. Collaborate with us to spread them around all the world.

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Children have the right to play and learn. They have the right to be children, as we have all been. Even our players! By buying our charity postcards you help us make this possible. Have you bought yours yet?

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